Micro-Invasive Needle Arthroscopy

In our quest to provide the most advanced and complete care available in veterinary medicine, Kindred-Canines In Motion (KIM) and Synergy Integrative Speciality Clinic (SIVC) offers a minimally invasive procedure to assess lameness and joint pathologies.

One of the most common lameness problems noted in clinical veterinary practice is an injury to the ACL/CCL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament or Cranial Cruciate Ligament).

The use of a diagnostic stifle arthroscope, allows us to see the actual pathology. This technology allows us to define the problem and provide our patients with a definitive diagnosis. Seeing the pain with use of the Digatherm Infrared Imaging camera and seeing the problem with needle arthroscopy helps KIM/SIVC to develop a custom treatment plan for your pet, service animal or agility dog to get to a faster functional recovery.