Digital Thermal Imaging can be a crucial and valuable “on the spot” visual tool in helping diagnose inflammation or lack of circulation and its exact location in the animals body. A valuable tool used as an adjunct with diagnostic procedures.

Digatherm Imaging

The Benefits of Digital Thermal Imaging in Veterinary Medicine

  • A visual physiological map of the area being examined.
  • Provides a precise area for examination and a visual of inflammation or lack of circulation. Eliminating the guesswork.
  • Mapping of the thermal gradients through thermography has the ability to visually illustrate neural irritation or dysfunction.
  • Quick, easy, and can lead to quicker diagnoses with improved patient visual

Combining Digital Thermal Imaging with Laser Therapy allows:

  • Monitoring before and after laser treatments by providing a visual picture of inflammation pre and post to quantify treatment results.
  • Detection of body areas of inflammation or lack of circulation which require further diagnosis and evaluation.
  • An immediate picture identification of secondary areas of inflammation to utilize laser treatments to best resolve the primary issue.
  • A “whole body” approach to laser treatment.
  • Visual evaluation of laser therapy progress on subsequent visits.
  • Discovery of areas of potential musculoskeletal stress in an animal before they manifest as disease or loss of mobility. These areas can then receive early intervention with laser therapy to avoid more serious injury.

Digital Thermal Images do not depict temperature but measure the radiant energy from the target tissue. These cameras read and illuminate this energy and are both non invasive and non destructive as an aid to patient diagnosis and improved treatment plan.

Digatherm Infrared Imaging Testimonial

A nonspecific lameness was diagnosed with use of the Digatherm Infrared Camera. Lexie was treated in the specific site with Acupuncture and Electro-acupuncture and made a full recovery. An incredible diagnostic tool.

“I was referred to Kindered-Canines in Motion by my local vet. My Yorkie, Lexi was suffering from hip and leg pain and was getting ready to undergo surgery when my vet told me to schedule an appointment with Dr. Gerardi. Lexi went through 3 sessions of acupuncture with great results. For the first time in years, Lexi had pain relief and her range of motion improved tremendously. She no longer needed surgery. From the moment we met Dr. Gerardi Lexi and myself fell in love with her. She not only helped Lexi get back to an active life by helping improver her musculoskeletal problems but she also has helped improve her overall health by addressing her diet and some liver issues. We can’t say enough good things about Dr. Gerardi. I am so grateful for the care she provides and helping improve Lexi’s quality of life!”

Judy Pollard