Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs

How Stem Cell Therapies Can Change A Dog’s Life

I have had the opportunity to work with assistance animals and care for family pets for the past 23 years. Approximately 40 percent of my patients suffer from the pain of arthritis. Osteoarthritis (OA) is a condition that is caused by the degeneration of cartilage, causing bone-to-bone contact around affected joints, which makes it difficult…


Are You Ready to Share Your Thanksgiving Meal?

In preparation for Thanksgiving and all the food festivities soon to begin, I have a simple recipe for you to share with your dog and cat, I call this treat “Mr. Moore’s Turkey Pops”. It’s a simple recipe to use up all those wonderful leftover turkey bones from your meal. Funny thing, I never really…


Dr. Joyce Loves Technology!

KIM will keep you posted as we learn more about incorporating a Voyce wellness program for our (KIM) patients.  KIM offers a very successful Telemedicine wellness program. Many of our clients are homebound and have a variety of physical limitations. Today’s technology has been an incredible asset for Dr. Joyce to offer special services…


Do You Have a Hot Dog?

I recently had a live video chat through Vet on Demand with Melissa Clinton from Her dog, Bentley, was suffering from allergies and ear infections and I explained the effects of hot and cool proteins in a dog’s diet and how it can effect allergies. She wrote about her Vet on Demand experience with me…


Arthritis and Your Pet

Kindred-Canines in Motion Inc. and Dr. Joyce are educating pet parents and helping local dogs, cats and Service Animals with joint pain. We all love are pets and hate to see them in chronic pain as they enter into their senior years. I have been a Veterinarian now for over 21 years and I must…


Platelet Rich Plasma for Animals

Do your joints ache? Are you slowing down because of your Arthritis?… What about your Pet? PRP…How does it work? Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a trending topic in human sports orthopedic medicine. PRP has been used to treat human injuries for almost 20 years! PRP is a breakthrough treatment for animals too. It’s as…


Holiday Care For Pets – A Moody Interview With Dr. Joyce Gerardi

Holidays are a great time for all of us but this could be a bad time for pets to go off of their diet. Listen to this interview with Dr. Joyce Gerardi to learn how you can keep your pets safe during this holiday season.

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Kindred-Canines In Motion Patient of The Month – November

“Baxter was facing the possibility of paralysis and being on medication for the foreseeable future. Dr. Joyce offered us the opportunity to try acupuncture in conjunction with modern medicine in hopes that paralysis would not set in and medication would be temporary. Thanks to her Acupuncture treatments and Herbal Medicines Baxter no longer shows signs…